• Edamame 4

With salt or spicy garlic butter sauce

  • Fried Spring Rolls (3) 4

Crispy fried spring rolls with cabbage, carrot, mushroom and glass noodle. Served with sweet chili sauce

  • Summer Rolls (2) 5

 Steamed rice paper rolls filled with fresh Thai basil, shrimp, vermicelli noodle, bean sprout, and lettuce. Served with hoisin peanut sauce

  • Crab Rangoon (5)6

Crab meat seasoned and blended with cream cheese, Wrapped with wonton skin, served with sweet chili sauce

  • Potstickers (Chicken And Pork)(6)5.5

Pan fried chicken and pork dumplings, served with sweet garlic soy sauce

  • Potstickers (Vegetables)(6)5.5

Pan fried veggie dumplings served with sweet garlic soy sauce

  • Fried Calamari 7.95

Deep-fried battered squid rings, Served with sweet chili sauce.

  • Chicken Satay(3)7

White meat chicken marinated in curry seasoning and coconut milk, Served with curry peanut sauce


  • Coconut Soup 4.5/Cup

Coconut milk soup with chicken, mushrooms, cilantro and scallion

  • Tom Yum Soup 5.5/Cup

Thai style hot and sour soup with mushrooms, tomato, onion, bell pepper, pineapple and shrimp in lemongrass broth

  • Chicken Noodle Soup 3/Cup

Rice noodle, fried onion, mushroom, scallion and chicken in clear broth


  • Thai House Salad 3

Lettuce, cucumber, and tomatoes, served with Thai chili or ranch dressing

  • Beef Salad 8.95

Grilled beef, lettuce, tomato, red onion & basil leave in lime chili sauce


Chicken, tofu or vegetable 10.95; Beef or shrimp 12.95;  Seafood(mussel, scallop, shrimp and squid)14.95

Served with jasmine rice, Substitute fried rice for $1 extra

  • Spicy BASIL

Onion, bell pepper, scallion, carrot, green bean and spicy basil sauce

  • Cashew Nut

Onion, bell pepper, scallion, carrot, bamboo shoot, mushroom, cashew nut and spicy sauce

  • Thai Sweet & Sour

Onion, bell pepper, pineapple, tomato, scallion, cucumber, and carrot

  • Veggie Delight

Bell pepper, Broccoli, carrot, bamboo shoot, green bean and mushroom

  • Amazing

Steam broccoli on a bed of sautéed peanut sauce with your choice of meat

  • Lemongrass

Onion, bell pepper, carrot, bamboo shoot, green bean and lemongrass sauce

  • Pad Prik

Spicy chili basil sauce with onion, bell pepper, scallion, carrot, bamboo shoot, and fresh basil leaves

  • Pad Broccoli

Your choice of meat stir fried with broccoli and mushroom in special sauce

  • Mongolian

Sautéed your choice of protein with onion and scallion in sweet brown sauce, served over crispy rice noodle.

  • Saigon Beef

Jalapeno, mushroom dry stir fry in oyster sauce


Chicken, tofu or mix vegetable 11.95; Beef or shrimp 13.95; Seafood (mussel, scallop, shrimp and squid)15.95

Served with jasmine rice, substitute for fried rice for $1 extra

  • Massaman Curry

Creamy, sweet Thai curry made with coconut milk, with Potato, onion, carrot and cashew nut

  • Red Curry

Cooked in coconut milk with Broccoli, Green pepper, onion and tomato, green bean

  • Green Curry!

Broccoli, green bean, eggplant, green pepper and basil leaves simmered in green curry


Chicken, tofu or vegetable 10.5; Beef or shrimp 11.5; Seafood (mussel, scallop, shrimp and squid) 14.95

  • Pad Thai

Stir fried thin rice noodle, egg, bean sprout, scallion, and crush peanuts with sweet tamarind sauce

  • Pad-See-Ew

Stir fried flat rice noodle, Egg, broccoli, carrots with sweet black sauce

  • Pad Kee Mao

Stir fried flat rice noodle, onion, scallion, green pepper, tomatoes and basil leaves in spicy sauce

  • Pad Wood Sen

Stir fried glass noodle, onion, bell pepper, scallion, carrot and mushroom

  • Thai Fried Rice

Egg, diced onion, green pepper

  • Pineapple Fried Rice

Egg, diced onion, green pepper, pineapple and cashew nut

  • Spicy Basil Fried Rice

Egg, diced onion, scallion, green pepper, tomatoes and basil leaves in chili sauce


Served with fried rice, Thai house salad or chicken noodle soup

  • Black Pepper Steak 16.95

Grill steak cubes, sautéed with bell pepper, onion & jalapeno in black pepper and cumin sauce

  • Shaken Garlic Steak 16.95

Steak cubes sautéed and shaken in butter garlic sauce

  • General Tso’s Chicken 11.95

Deep fried white meat chicken and green pepper stir fry in sweet dry chili sauce, steamed broccoli on side

  • Thai Sweet And Sour Whole Flounder Mp

Fried flounder filet top with pineapple, tomatoes, onion, scallion and bell pepper in thai sweet and sour sauce

  • Basil Grouper 14.95

Grilled GROUPER filet with onion, scallion, bell pepper, carrot and mushroom in basil sauce

  • Curry Grouper 15.95

Grilled grouper filet with scallion, onion, bell pepper, green bean in spicy curry sauce

  • Thai Curry Seafood 15.95

Shrimp, scallop, calamari, mussel & mix veggie cook in thai curry sauce


  • Sautéed String Beans 8.95
  • Basil Eggplant and Tofu 8.95


  • Jasmine Rice 2
  • Fried Rice 3
  • Curry Sauce 3 (Red, Green, Massaman)
  • Steam Broccoli 4


Thai milk tea 3

Hot tea (green tea or jasmine tea)2

Sweet tea/unsweet tea 2.25

Coke, diet coke, sprite, lemonade, ginger ale, Mr. pibb, bottle water2.25


Coconut Ice Cream  3.5

Green Tea Ice Cream 3.5


*Price subject to change without notice.